by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

A sound that you can’t always hear
It’s the sound of people’s fear
It’s a sound that is way too near
It’s the sound of those not clear.

America’s people are jobless
America’s people are penniless
America’s people are homeless
America’s people are hopeless.

America’s people do not deserve
Their lives they try to preserve
They count on Leaders to serve
Forced to use all their reserve.

Time to turn America around
Time for what our father’s found
Time for the alarm to sound
Time to get up off the ground.

America where’s our respect?
Who will stand in and affect?
Better Leaders we can elect
America we need to protect.

America has become poor
New direction we implore
We can’t take four years more
America we will and can restore.

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