Sountrack of Love

by Warwick Lane
(Eastbourne, Sussex, England)

A crisp sunny day in February by the seaside,
Fireworks of happiness have begun to collide.
My mind is playing a soundtrack of beauty,
Waves of music begin to flow through me.

Wouldn’t it be great to casually walk on by,
Accompanied by the warmth of Mr Blue Sky.
Or when you’re involved in a crucial mission,
Playing Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition.

Our eyes could meet through the forces above,
For a time we’d hear Girls and Boys in Love.
Into a moment of calm we could easily sink,
Slip blissfully into Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks.

Music is such a curious and powerful source,
Emotions can run through your veins with force.
A simple soft melody can transform your day,
Sweep you off your feet and carry you away.

Of course as humans, we’re not happy all the time,
The Fray, The Smiths, even Coldplay would chime.
I find listening to sad music helps when I’m down,
My heart beats slowly to the rhythm of the sound.

Frank Turner could be used to sort out philosophy,
Mumford & Sons have the power to set the soul free.
Lana Del Ray will help you explain why you’re sad,
Jason Mraz often soothes the nerves when I’m mad.

There is a difference between listening and feeling,
Between interpreting lyrics and set your heart reeling.
At the mercy of emotions is when I invariably thrive,
When the fire of passion in my heart comes alive.

Right now my mood suits New Slang by The Shins,
The sound makes me think of all the beautiful things.
Never forget the influence that our music can bring,
When artists in our soundtrack of love start to sing.

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