Space, The Final Refrigerator Magnet  

by Kewayne Wadley
(Memphis Tennessee)

Space exists when we're apart
Though we orbit, nothing is ever absolute.
Through the light & the dark
We both age at different times
But nothing is ever absolute.
When the lights go off & the stars
burn out.
We are left to believe that it's time to go to sleep.
That we've made our last stop &
Gotten our last sip of water before the kitchen
closes at least for another tomorrow,
But nothing is ever absolute.
Although this space I speak of is definite
& gives birth to the fondness of the heart
One thing for sure is definite of absolutes.
No matter how much our galaxies differ
No matter how many magnets are spread across
the front of your refrigerator.
There is always room for an astronaut
brave enough to travel
the darkest sky.
& in that moment
I'll find you, always

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