by Shep
(Trimsaran, Wales)

I came across a spaceman?
One early winter's dawn
Was this a dream
An escape by means
From ill fortune fraught so far.

With clear of mind
And field of sight
To it approached with caution
Could this be it
My route to quit
Alas a way
Of farewell say
Goodbye to all
Once and for all
What heaven!

This close encounter I plead ensue
A path to my salvation
And offer with a cosmic flight
An end to this prolonging plight
To severe shackles burdened tight
Endued in initiation

Alas as contact near prevails
The truth its aberration
The apparition form denies
Its alien connotation
In clear of view
To hope subdue
A saviour's helm
In spatial realm
A chance to face
The outer space
Defused in realisation

No stranger masks
This terrestrial zone
And like E.T.
Gets on the phone
But comrade such
Attired as if
Alludes to inter-planetary soul exists
Denies my liberation.

Ah! one day, I'll quit this job.

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