by Samuel Lynn-Evans

I had a friend by the name of Tim
He was accustomed to people walking all over him,
Used to being a peasant by the throne,
He lamented the day that he grew a backbone.
Because his friends would now say
'Oi Tim! Make us some tea!'
And he'd now say

And they were shocked!
And they were stunned!
They said now, now Tim,
You're no fun.
And they cast him out on his own,
And he lamented the day that he grew a backbone.

And so he came to me to ask for some advice,
And I said woah Tim, slow down,
Firstly go make me some rice,
And while he did this I came up with an idea real quick
An idea I was sure would do just the trick.
And he followed the plan
And now people walk all over him and don't realise all day
As right now he's lying down dressed head to toe in grey,
Pretending to be part of the pavement.

So if you walk down the street,
And you hear the odd 'Ow!'
Just remember that's Tim,
And he's happy now.

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