by Katya

As I strolled away from home,
Ignoring every laugh and whisper,
I felt as if I had been shot
Everything was far away
The houses full of ice,
My misty snow on roads

She has come so unexpectedly
She threw me far away
Her worth has filled the days with happiness and pride
Ah I can feel her warmth again
Sneaky,selfish,silent spring has come ,
Melting all my gifts of nature far,far away like I was giving up

Someday she'll pay for what she's done,
Someday she'll fear the real freezing me
I will crawl into her shoes
She'll see the dark white dim
I will get to her warm kingdom someday
She'll get to see my pale face full with frozen tears

That young spring has not seen me yet
She will be blinded from me
Her green eyes will overflow with leaves
I will never get to feel her warmth again
She is not dangerous for me
She will perish from hypothermia one day

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