Stand Up For Yourself!!!

by Viviana Diaz

Stand up for yourself, and don't be scared!!!
There are people who think they are much better than others, but they aren't.

EVERYONE is the same!!!

Don't be scared.
Have confidence in yourself and stand up!!!
Just 'cause they're bigger and taller, doesn't mean they are tougher!!!

Don't get bullied by your friends!!
It sucks being bullied!!!
All the people who are getting bullied should tell someone.


Be the bigger person, and walk away, and tell someone!!!
Everyone is the same, so don't treat other people differently!!!

STAND UP for what is right!!!

If you think bullying is bad, PLEASE try to stop it!!!
It's got to stop. Kids don't even want to go to school 'cause of bullying!!!

NO ONE is perfect!!!

Bullying is something people do 'cause they have problems at home!!!

STAND UP, don't let them bully you!!!

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by: Anonymous

Great text and deep message.

luis ullán.
twitter: @luisullan

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