by Adrianna

sitting on my bed peeking out the window
staring at the darkness
embracing my sorrow
question here
questions there
should i even care
light flickered from the corner of my eye
just as then i looked up in the sky
was it a sign i saw this star
i held my breath as tears fall down
i felt my heart beating so fast
i don't know why
then i just cry

i stood up walk away
then when i look the star ain't there
i reached up on my laptop
and peeked what might I've got
there you are as i can see
maybe you're happy
but no not me
I've been like this all day long
convincing myself to be strong

maybe there's no happily ever after
i might be bleeding but I'll stop won't suffer
for i know i shall be better
i know i will but when doesn't matter

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