by Raena Cain

When you speak
I am so enthralled by the music you tell
By the flower petal words you give me as presents
I wonder how you can say such dreary things
And have them sound like a gentle caress
When you admit to me
The deepest, loneliest fears than waltz in your mind
Every ebony thought that kisses your tongue
That spread from your fingers
They are your melody
To which you dance to like a ghost in the wind
Your feet mimic their solitude
Leading you to empty quiet
And hot, wet tears
I wish I could take a broom to your thoughts
Clearing the dust away and leaving it clean
If I could only tear off a piece of my heart
To give to you as the only gift I have
Even as my nails click against your ribs when I hold you
Tapping the silent tune of your misery
Like the heel of your boot tapping the floor
Your leg shaking a steady beat of anxiety
Insomnia steals your warmth from me
Forcing your toes to the carpet
Tell me how to help you
My love
Tell me what I must do to anchor you
For if you leave me
Lonely shall devour me, too

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