‘Steve Jobs’ Be it Anybody’s Son


‘Steve jobs’ be it anybody’s son
But will ever glow as that shiny Sun’

‘Yes’ that day the very first Apple just tasted by that ‘Eve’
‘Yesterday’ more attracted for more (New)tons; hence hijacked by ‘Isaac'
Keeping all our seeming shining globe with his innovative shock;
But left the same apple suddenly this detached spark like ‘Steve’
The innocence of our grand ‘Eve’ one could sense in this ‘jobs-steve’.
The truth undefined was there before ‘Christ’ in that silent ‘Buddha’-
Then After Jesus still emerging arranged by invisible holy ‘Allah’;
All just to solve human crises even with a boy- bomb like ‘Adi shankara’.
At last only money matters for all men,
Why to address all as ‘Ladies and Gentle men’!
Only humans claiming to live with their rights;
No other beings and trees allowed to use their eye-sights ,
When ‘Allah’ his tender oil
Ignite all human’s so long turmoil
In which crazy currency will catch fire
Then ever rolling tears of ‘Jesus’ will never tire,
No more new ‘Buddhas or Babas’ required on our earth,
Just all travel merrily in their train’s allotted berth.

‘Live and leave’ as this detached Great ‘Jobs Steve’,
All are guests achieved nothing from times of ‘Adam and Eve’,
Trying for same old tastes;
But crying at end, rocked in their tombs with centuries old pastes.
No familiar with his developed i-pods or i-pots,
Most ‘we’ the poor unaware about his soft ware,
But his thrown away life may burn all our rotten thoughts,
‘Steve jobs’ may your spirits ever be there,
To let future kids to live their own lives,
Untouched and unconditioned by time’ screen as ever fresh naives.

With love
Author : A Spark from the sky
Working in SAUDI ARABIA,

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