Stolen emotion

by Diana Carolina Escobales Perez
(Ponce, Puerto Rico )

What have you done to me?
For a mortal to cast spells
Onto a conversation, feverish and sickening--
A narcissist, claiming love that stands far from the mirror.
We savored bliss, you and I, that fateful night,
But turned the water in my mouth into blood
A pool of crimson liquid and taste of metal
That burned my bones, oozing like petrol
Melting off the skin from its ridges.
How could you it so?
A selfish man needs not the embrace of innocence
Much less one who's core remained so virginal,
Until the moment you wiggled your democratic
Demons into my ear, cloaked with lust whispers.
A pool of blood, muddy and thick on my setted tongue
Burnt smelling peel at the tip of my toes
And under my nails,
Was all that was left that foggy night
When you left my writhing thoughts blood dry,
Before and after the same wetness of liquidy gold
Carved a hole in my pillow, to throw me into the abyss.
And yet, I do not blame your games, nor your vision of lies
But rather my will to follow into your darkness
To rest on the bed of thorns and roses that long ago withered.
As you have stolen my foolish affection, I beg of thee
To steal away the hatred that keeps me up at night
At the faintest thought of memories of you and I
Since even in a storm of fog and sorrow, I still love you.

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