Story from the soul

by Wendell Williams
(Miami, FL)

You're like the backbone to my soul
You make me get in touch with my inner side and silence my inner cry
You make the complications of my lifeless mind ease

You bring triumph to my world and bring every broken bit of me I have left and make it whole again

You make life worth living
You make the fire inside me boil

You opened the doors of my core and planted your harmony into the grounds of my heart and now I'm in synced with your every breath

You make me crave every scar you have
You have the most precious smile and the most beautiful spirit I will ever encounter so beautiful that I fall deep into your eyes and see Heaven's angels looking back at me

You make me happy and not only are you a blessing but you're a lesson in life that taught me that true happiness does exist and that you just have to plant your garden and wait til your flowers bloom but I wouldn't have known that until you walked into my life

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