by Sierra Licata

Sitting there listening to the sound of your heart beat
Wondering why the world turns so slow
Yet moves so fast at the same time
It was only yesterday you were a stranger to me
And now today I hold you close in my arms
Praying that you wont go away

It’s a strange thought how we all start out as strangers
And just like that someone means the world to you
The world turns and there are so many faces we haven’t seen yet
So many places we haven’t been

Yet we sit here perfectly content to where we are
Holding each other dreaming of brighter days
Maybe we weren't meant to face this world on our own
Maybe God sent you to be my other half

As the moon turns slow night turns into day
And our hearts still beat the same
Side by side we walk your hand in mine
Discovering new sought out adventures which lie ahead of us

No longer do I need to be alone
For that stranger's face has become familiar to me
It's become the dreams I dream about when I’m asleep
And when I’m lost it’s the one I search for in my darkness

I close my eyes and drift away
Your breath warm on my skin
Is this what forever feels like
What we all search for in the eyes of strangers

The love that fills my heart
Begins to show through your smile
A sight so familiar to sore eyes
And so comforting to a weary mind

Now the struggles of this life don’t seem so harsh
Looking through eyes of unseen
A perspective I've been waiting for
Now found through your point of view.

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