Street University

by Trinket_Writer
(WA State)

Cracks of altered lengths the weathered face
Depth of feeling modified
..yet common in every race

Hunger, fear, and poverty
..chiseled this masterpiece
Eyes bulging with stories
..which caused each beautiful crease.

Many pass him by
..never giving him much thought
My heart is drawn to his I put money in his pot

Blessed I am with a smile
..he hands me his woven wares
Beautiful turtle doves
..that always come in pairs

Crafting for his living
..yet no on seems to care
They walk by with disgust
..only giving him cold stares

A beggar he is not
..he sells just like the stores
What others cannot realize
..his shop's just out of doors

Daily we exchange
..we sit upon his stoop
Stories of life, and wisdom
..I glean over a bowl of soup

Fast friends we became our mutual admiration
An educated man he is
..full of inspiration

Sad, and tragic it is
..others don't peer below
Missing the real beauty
..that sets the soul aglow

Our time soon came to and end
..I've memorized each crease
Richer I am for the experience
..from my merchant on the street

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