by Cha 'La Ree Brown
(Newark,New Jersey)

Another week goes by and I'm still Stuck!

Stuck trying to figure out who I am and trying to do all I can But Stuck!

I ask where is my luck and where is my quick buck

But instead I find myself Stuck!

Been seeing shrinks for years trying to erase my fears but life brings many tears. Stuck!

So I put my pen to a pad to try to erase some pain to bring me some fortune and a 'lil bit of fame

Cause who's gonna to remember me if you never knew my name

I fight with misery everyday not knowing what to do

Not having a clue

It's true.. I use to believe in me.

Now I depend on you

To take me to the next level

To save me from meeting the Devil

My thoughts on paper is something I've been blessed to express wit

But something gotta give cause I'm tired of this depressed Sh*t

So if you feel me Good!

I'm glad I got your attention.

If you didn't then "Oh Well" I'm still moving forward

Thanks to those who were listening

I'm done being Stuck!

You want me to see the real reason

That half of you don't give a F**k

It's up to me to make it happen

See I know I'm the Sh*t

So I'm leaving this mic and leaving your hands to clap wit

Cha La Ree Yall

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