by Eliza Jane Gomez
(Pompano Beach, FL, US)

Packing up leftovers
licking the spoons of their savory
sausage-appled-and-sagey stuffed goodness.
Scraping remnants of recipes collected
through the years together.

Small and simple.
Kept it small and simple this year.
Enjoyed more easy moments
full of food and family.

Car keys tucked into nooks and crannies
with time to spare until kickoff,
gentle laughs about the gravy stain
on your new shirt—oh well.
Grab another butter-baked roll to mop it up--
I won’t tell!

Fetch me another roll of towels
while I let the pans soak--
I’ll just buff up the trays before
putting them away for next year.
Did you happen to catch the score?

Lounging in loaded-down lazy-boys
remotes slipping as body and mind
decide between holding on to
their piece of pie or to consciousness--
Hmm, so tempting, so warm….

Quiet dialogue floating amid the TV din.
Doorbell—Come in!
Make yourself home,
grab a cold drink from the fridge and sit down,
tell us what’s been going on with you--
what’s new?

Relax and unwind,
twirl your fork as you eat
and talk a little more,
revel in the smell that you find
around here this time of year--
smells like food and family.
Peaceful. Good.

I think I’ll have a little more,
what about you….

Written by Eliza Jane Farley Gomez
November 29, 2010

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