The subtle serpent,
Master of all lies and craftiness
He creeps into thoughts uninvited
Gliding ever so softly
Across the corners of our heart
Never content
Till his venom leave us drained,
and rob us of all joy, peace and hope.

You can't make it. He whispers
You are not good enough he condemns
It's just going to continue this way
And you will never rise out of this pit.
With every one of his whispers,
the valiant is brought to his knees
weakened With fear, despair and helplessness.

But even though the young lions
Crumble under his accusations and evil reports:
Our hope is built on the Solid Rock
Who has made an open shame of him:
In him we do believe
In his name we take authority
And under His wings we take refuge
Drawing strength from the praise of His name
As He gently whispers
Power, Love and Sound Wisdom
to our broken heart

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