Summer Rise of Sun and Moon

by Wayne E. Gibbs
(El Paso, Texas)

This torturous tale is a woe, is one of truth, /
from the sizzling summer rise of sun and moon.
As night formally falls, I soon to dread, / The interruption of Lurking Luna perched over my bed.
A posthumous poetic gesture for the heavens to test, /
But tonight, prayers call of complete rest.
As my mesmeric mind is weary and ready to scorn, /
awaiting the toasty rise of summer morn.
Lord, I call upon your mirthful mercy / Casting shadows upon nature’s light.
As my mesmeric mind shrieks of madness, /
from tsuki and taiyou’s (sun and moon) constant plight.
As I lie in my beautiful bed wanting of sleep, /
This magical moon shines brightly as I count sheep.
From my weary window, I wait for summer’s end soon, /
To finally break away, the sizzling summer rise of sun and moon.

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