Sunday morning

by Tijjani Grema Mustapha

It comes and goes everyday. It brings the lucky ones back to life and let them see its beauty and pleasure. Morning it is, and it shall be for each and every beginning of a new day. The sun wakes in the morning in a good mood without dancing on my head and yours. Morning and afternoon are like winter and summer. This morning's weather has no difference with winter, only that the snow flakes are invisible. It's sunday, the soulmate of saturday. It's a free day for almost every part of the world. My friends and family allow themselves to rest before the harsh day arrives (monday). I am on my bed, thinking and planning on how to spendmy last free day. My 6th sense of thinking brought an idea saying "why can't you sleep?" And I have no reason to stay awake and listen to voices without sound. I invited my blanket to lean on me so we can sleep like husband and wife. And that's when I closed my eyes and allowed the sleep to defeat me.

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