Sunday Services

by John
(London, England)

These are interesting times that we live in
and the clock chimes,
more times like the last times and
a thousand years ago
a serf said,
'what interesting times these be'

I see the repeat repeating
while doubting Thomas is stood at the gate,

the repeat means you can never be late
it's like catch up TV,
interesting times these certainly be
should gather and store them.

Rip Van,
an elderly man
slept through these times
slept through the chimes
and yet in dreams he still pines
for the taste of his youth,

truly the truth is awesome
we should get some
and still there's yet some
more to come.

interesting, arresting, a few out there
contesting these moments,
these are the doughnuts that put holes in my times,
puncture the rhymes and deflate Thomas
who is still at the gate.

I wait for the replay,
the second hand match,
one catch
I've seen it before

and interesting or not
our time is all that
we've got
the rest is history.

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