How I miss you
When once you warmed my face
I’m sorry for the cloud I’ve brewed
How it blocks your lovely rays
Once a beacon during troubled times
Now I’m drenched in rain…
Blurring what is light & dark
Making truth so hard to find
Yours and mine
Your light,
My guide to get me through
My light,
Being what is true
If I only knew the damage I’d do
I’d never have created that stormy brew
Alone I fought for solid sunshine
Alone I fought for your shine all the time
Through cloudy days I made a lot of mistakes
Looking for happiness in all the wrong ways
I miss your beams across my face
Your healing powers are now replaced
By the inevitable downpour
One calls disgrace
For the heavens unleashed
I drown even more
Loneliness …..
Wanting you more

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