Swallow Me Whole

by Aleah Dockstader

Shadowed within the mind;
Spitting hatred.
When faces turn hazy
& salvation is sacred.

Twisting and turning,
the blackness surrounds
Envelops your sanity,
your head hits the ground.

Drenched in the sins
you've bathed in despair.
Showing no mercy,
the torture's unfair.

Bleed all your sorrows,
there is no escape.
Siphon your mind,
await your own fate.

Piercing inside,
You rip at the seams.
Stained with regret,
you watch yourself scream.

Writhing with desire,
they yearn for your scent.
Toxic intentions,
they'll feed on repent.

Lusting to taste
what lies underneath.
Your succulent flesh,
will soon be their treat.

You ask their intentions,
but they'll never tell
Instead you'll hear laughter,
and a voice; "Welcome to Hell".

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