Sweet Goodbye ...

by GeanDy

It seems like your love is hunting all my life.
You were haunting me ..
Your face, your eyes, your eyes that I couldn't resist
And every time you stare at me, how I wish,
Death could have taken me instead ..

I thought, I heard you calling me,
Calling out my name .
Wishing on the stars,
Wishing I won't leave your side ..

As the wind passed by your face,
Raindrops started to fall
And you just feel so cold and lonely,
Imagining that you were hugging me ..

Holding my hand,
Touching my hair,
Filling my heart with love
As we're watching the stars
That enclose our nights ..

And that, you feel love again,
Like it was you and me ..

My heart is yours ..
My heart that beats endlessly every time we walk
And aches no more when hand to hand we talk ..

You have my soul...
My soul that cries the tears of joy.
I smile when you're in sight.
I feel like I'm in a flight ..
You are my life...

My life that longs to forgive no matter what,
And keep memories, whatever it may be ..
Bad or good.
Forever 'til eternity ..

And you're only counting teardrops
Because you knew,
And now you've seen
That you're gonna stay away from me ..

The way you feel when I'm in pain,
It feels like you wanted to die while I'm crying insane ..
My love that used to be your life,
But now its killing you,
Knowing that I'm leaving.

I'm sorry.
Because of me,
You're facing pain and sorrow ..

Now, you carry the burden of
those times you felt I didn't care ..
Those memories we used to share,
Feelings that wanted to feel again ..

The promise that I used to say,
Is now lost in the middle of nowhere .

True love says " you had done enough "
Because you gave me your everything,
And have your faults by counting it ..

I thought it's enough when I cry you a river,
But it's stupid too, when I knew,
You'd cried an ocean for me ..

But, sad to say ..
That in the end,
I still have to let you go ...

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