Sweet Soul Stealer

by Chrystal (@chrys1003)
(Houston, TX)

Like crimson footsteps across angelic snow, your memories stain my mind.
They cradle me in the endless depths of midnight,
They haunt me in the refuge of my dreams.

They surround me, embrace me,
Trap me in the hell of my mind where sanity resides and insanity reigns--
I yearn to be set free.

You live in me, through me,
Like the Phoenix you burn, memories diminished to lifeless ash.
Only to rise
And live in me once again.

You are my shadow:
Unmistakably present in the radiance of the glowing sun,
Palpably disturbing in the silence of the abandoned night.

Your memories are the tainted air that I breathe.
I hold my breath until my chest burns--
But you are my necessity, I must take you in.

My soul is charred, blackened by your toxicity
Pieces of me crumble under your touch.
I am reduced to nothing.
But memories of you.

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Jan 26, 2013


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