Sweet Surrender

by DJ.Kaidan (Kwazinative)

These words are my own. a solemn plea. an invisible whisper that has no vapor.
My silent prayer.

Oh how I desperately long to quell the painful thoughts, to escape from this
deep despair.

Into the depths of Hades I plummet, as darkness creeps up, howling in the winds lurks
a sinister shadow.

dimming light fades in the distance, waxy residue ebbing forth from a snuffed out candle

a soundless cry in the wilderness. Evil roams the corridors of my mind

Dark thoughts take a hold of every sense

sharp barbwire wrapping around my waist

choking life from my frozen corporeal form

salty tears ebbing out from my eyes,
trickling softly upon my parched lips

piercing words that tear asunder
roaring louder than mere thunder

beckoning me to surrender to the sweet embrace of death
pursing my mouth,as I now draw in one final solemn breath

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by: Anonymous

Wow! you're very talented, your words spoke to me on a very deep spiritual level.You obviously have been hurt in your life, and used it as an advantage.The imagery you created was so beautifully haunting.I hope you go very far in life dearest Kaidan, My best wishes to you fellow poet.

P.S. I still follow your twitter account, would you think about returning any time soon? is there any way I can contact you.
I have this friend who knows a friend who is an accomplished Author. who could take a look at some more of your pieces you might have.you're clearly gifted with "The voice". don't let it go to waste!
Go in peace dear brother.
God Bless you!

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