sweet tunes

by Kayleigh Kulicka
(Silverhill Al)

Hope is the thing that wakes you up in the morning
Hoping the day will be bright
And with loud tunes were the words just flow out without thinking

The sweet sound of the strumming
The popping and striking of each instrument
You find yourself tapping and thumping
soon to be on your feet swaying

The music shakes your entire soul
As you jump up on your feet and swing your arm side to side
You begin to become an air dancer found outside of a big business
But you just can't stop

You open your eyes and you're still sitting tapping your foot
The want to get up and dance is not strong enough to do so in a public place
So you close your eye again and begin to imagine your body still swaying
Living in your imagination...dancing to the loud sweet tunes

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