by Tahavin
(Oak Harbor, WA, USA)

Crash comes the waves ashore,
Two feet sitting idly by,
One man wishing to know more,
With words that shall not pry.

He swims to her so calmly,
Unknowing of what he could do,
Especially with a woman so comely,
In a situation so brand new.

Arriving upon the sandy beach,
She looks back in his eyes,
Two souls preparing to teach,
Each other of their lives.

His eyes like the Ocean,
Stare right back into hers,
Hoping to decipher all emotion,
Finding all that she prefers.

But alas it cannot be told,
Her eyes that stare so bold,
Changing frequently,
Cradle each in gaze gently.

So now I wait upon the sand,
To see where stars may fall,
Staring intently at her hand,
Waiting each second for her call.

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