Take A Chance On Me

by Christian Terrones
(Fort Wayne, IN, United States)

From the very first day of class

Your presence was something I could not surpass

Every chance I got, I would turn & admire

If I denied a connection, an attraction I’m a horrible liar

From your reserved modesty

To your psychobiology jokes, so geeky

Such a woman, I had never seen such a thing

I needed to know you, whatever that may bring

She made me want to stop in my tracks

Someone like her, was it that I lack

Still in awe at how strong this energy, I get form her

Seriously, it’s been a lifetime since I have felt something truer

Eyes so clear they pierce the soul

A persona so peaceful you’d think you smoked a bowl

But if any of this shall go unnoticed

I will make it a point that she knows I wrote this

Standing out to me more than the moon on a clear night

I don’t believe I’ll ever see, again someone in such consuming light

I dream she honors my advancements & gives me a chance

Let us use what we’ve been given, allow life to give us this dance

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