Taking Like A Thief In The Night

by Hellen B Moore
(Charlotte, N.C.)

Someone took your life away like a thief in the night you didn't have enough time to become a loving wife, or a caring mother, nor were you given enough time to develop the extended friendship that's shared among sisters, I feel as though you were cheated out of the many rewards life had to offer you.

I wish i could have been there to help you and protect you, But I know that God was there to guide you and welcome you into his lovely paradise because he felt you were better off with him, he makes no mistakes and always knows what's best.

I often sit and cry and try to visualize on whom? What? And why? But I end up stumbling through frustrating visions without answers or clues, which drive me to feeling extremely blue.

Law officials gave up on bringing the person or persons to justice, who was responsible for taking your life away and older family members didn't push the issue. I was young when it occurred and I felt that I couldn't be heard.

Many, many years have passed, and my heart continues to cry for closure while your soul continues to wonder.

Now that we have started this journey to seek justice I know we will succeed, I'll gain my closure you will gain your peace and the responsible person or persons will be taken just as you were like a thief in the night.
By Hellen Moore

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