Taking the PSA


I am a Public Servant, have been for almost twenty years
all the recent vitriol and bile has almost reduced me to tears
So much anger and resentment, so much negativity
Aimed at public servants and by extension, at me
It seems it’s open season, the whole thing is a farce
When it is quite obvious they are talking through their arse
They have no facts, just fiction, they have not got one clue
Their arguments are based on what it is they think we do

Nobody has ever asked me, I have never been consulted
But find I am constantly criticised and personally insulted
By people without facts, but who are quick to point the finger
insisting all public servants do is waste money and malinger
It is all so very easy for those who have taken the high ground
Even when it is obvious that their reasoning is not sound
They paint us all with one brush, no distinction is made
While most of us are overworked, and grossly underpaid.

I feel sorry for the guards, the prison officers and firemen
Who face danger every hour, not just now and then
Who do work many of these detractors would never contemplate
Only to be told that their wages are now a drain on the State
Others are accused of being a drain on the public purse
Especially health providers, your doctor and your nurse
Who provide vital services in difficult situations
Their return? Vile criticism and hostile accusations!

In my work I’ve been assaulted, verbally and physically
Punches, kicks, knives and guns all aimed at me
My colleagues and others have suffered worse attacks
but at least we know our employer has our backs!?!
We are here to provide a service, come what may
With services needed at all hours of the night and day
But now the service comes in second, what an awful pity
Because cutbacks and savings are the new priority

But why is it frontline services are the focus of the cuts
While senior managers and consultants seem to sit on their buts
Getting great pay and pensions, but forever wasting money
If it was not so serious, it might just be funny
Thank God we love our jobs, that we are dedicated
We give our all in a service that the government has decimated
So let’s hope there’s no more fires or crime, that we are healthy, (God preserve us)
Because when you really need help you might find the help is Out of Service.

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Mar 06, 2013
.....beautifully put
by: Anonymous

.....if truth is art then this is a true work of art.

Mar 05, 2013
Well said
by: Anonymous

Excellent, honest, and true

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