Tales Untold

by Olufisayo Okedara
(Ibadan, Nigeria)

The rain drops, soaking everything it touches,
Not a care to the forest,
Destroying some and making others come to life,
The raging storm comes and upturns everything in its path,
Bringing pain and damage as it leaves,
At least it was a sign, a souvenir, and a tale.

Where are you?
I search all night even till dawn,
I remember where we first met,
But you are not there,
Nowhere to be found,
Gone without a trace, no word,
Just leaving pain in your place,

Promises broken,
Words left unsaid,
Lingering pains, wounds left unhealed,
Scars opened again,
Yet no one to mourn with,
No one to cry for,
Vanished like the last wind that passed,

Scents, pictures, memories,
Nothing more, nothing else,
Fading voices, laughter, barely audible,
Tears pour, over and again,
Left without a word,

Eyes red,
Heart bled,
No more tears,
No more fears,
Stronger and more fierce,
The next stranger, a new race.

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