Teacher, your support

by Warda

I think of the things you've done.
When I was in pain
You gave me support and love
While I take hold of your mane
I shall give and take
Always I'm mumbling your name
For you everything shall I make
Thank you for your support,I hope we see each other again one day
A cool, crispy day in May
I will look up at your bright, shining eyes
Which within pity and mystery lies
I shall feel warm in my heart
Like I always do when I look at you and see excited parts
I've taken a chance, a chance for me to rise
Please support me, I know within it lies
Don't be dishonest, speak the truth
I shan't be unfaithful to my youth
I know I have to try
However thy,
will have to explain to me
For as I can not see,
with my own eyes
I have to hear your calm voice in my head
Or else I might as well be dead
Without you I'm a wreck trying to figure out on my own,
when the truth is in front of me I loath
I shall say this after many years,
teacher thank you for bringing me to tears

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