Tears Of Blood

by Wabil Janjua
(Sharjah U.A.E)

The day u leave me
alone to die here
angels in all heavens
Will shed blood tears

No one has ever
loved anyone lyk this
life widout you is torture
with you is bliss

I don't know wat
fate holds in store
gods snatched away my every dream
ill snatch u to even the score

All i ask is
for u to love me
even if u don't tell me
don't let me drown so deep

I keep hoping for miracles
they say a hero will save us
I'm begging u to stay
i cant wait fr wat he does

Stay and grant me a new life
or go and never come back
its not a problem, ill just add
your loss to my pain stack

I try to forget u for u
but I'm just too selfish
there ain't no place in my heart widout u
not even a crevice

Stay or kill me
i cant see u go
I'm on the verge of insanity
let everyone know

Go away ill still live for u
smile laugh play
make myself a happy face
entirely out of clay

I thought u knew
but u don't
the pain i go through everyday
i cant frgt u ,i wont

The world is a stage
everyone can go
Leave me here in my misery
leave to burn slow

I don't blame you
I'm just angry and sad
No one seemsto try me
just judge me to be bad

I cant live like this
but then i favour ur dad
his decision was right
keep u away from all the pain i had

I know u pray i find sumone
somehow i forget you
ill move on if u want
but remember if u leavr my souk will too

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May 27, 2013
by: S.K

Some words are better left unsaid....sad but true...she maybe ignorant of your love but life is making other plans friend..lets sit back and watch...

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