Tears of Love

by Steve

My Mother taught us right from wrong,
She bore our foolish dreams,
In the days of our youth, she was always there,
To sew up all our seams,
She dressed us up in all she could afford,
A woman of modest means.

She patched our boo boos and broken hearts,
Form our childhood though our teens,
And I can't remember when it was..
When she instilled the love of God,
But in pieces throughout her 80 years,
It is her faith that I applaud.

And if she bestowed a gift on us-that I must impart,
It would be the smile of an Irish Lass-emptying her heart!
In times of joy she would laugh so hard and wrinkle up her nose,
So fine a Mom I dare say she was - a wonder I suppose.
And in the wake of such a life,
She would not want us to be sad,
Instead she would want us to find,
The peace and hope she always had.

Our Mom was never perfect, a saint she would never claim to be,
In our lives and hearts she wears our badge of fame for each of us to see,
And if being meek and caring makes one look rather weak,
Our Mom taught us that it is a goal worthy for us to seek.

She would always tell us boys "simmer",
As if we were a tea pot on the boil,
But, hidden in her wisdom having patience and kindness was her goal,

Marion was a Glennon and very proud of it,
Irish through and through!
When your time comes ..look up ..to the gates of heaven,
Mom will be standing with St. Patrick praying for me and you!

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