Tell Me Why..

by The Raven's Death Angel

We are angry.
We wonder why we did this to each other.
Am I the only one that can hear the Angels crying?

We pretend that we never met each other.
Do you feel it too… the emptiness with in your dying heart?
This pain is slowly starting to devour us, well mainly me.
Am I the only one that knows that I'm barley human anymore?

We have moved on try to have a better life.
As you walk away, I start to scream "Please don't leave me like this!!"
You just tune me out, as I fall to the ground.
I am lonely, broken down & scared
Will I ever be able to put my heart back together & be happy again?…
Doubt it.

I dare you to tell me why!

(October, 11, 2011)

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