Tell Me

by Caneel

Tell me a tale
Tell me of far-off places
Tell me a whale of a tale
Tell me of places strong and frail

Tell me of the ocean spray
That crashes upon the shore
And pulls away the sand
But it seems there is always more

Tell me of soaring heights
Where no one can tell you are made for
Where you can spread your wings or command the wind
Where you don't have to think anymore

Tell me of the dry, hot deserts
And the sun that scorches your skin
And of the sandstorms that blow away
Everything from paper to you to tin

Tell me of that snow
That you say is really water and air
How does it come from above?
How did it get there?

Please tell me all of this and more
Tell me and tell me and tell me and then
Tell me more and more because I need to know it all
Just in case I'll be able to see again

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