by Jessica
(Edmond, Oklahoma)

You may not find me frightening at first sight
But I am your greatest fear at night

I'll steal you blind of that luscious blood
that courses through your veins
I'll creep up behind you in the rain 

and then swiftly fulfill your greatest wish 
But as I jump for the kill I miss

YOU are my nightmare you are my end 
I am still in terror as I see your weapon
The stake that in seconds
you will drive through my beating heart
and I will fall
But you hesitate as you look into my eyes
Now you are my victim you are my slave
and you shall do as I will 
You drop the stake and I smile an evil smile
You are mine now my dear do not be afraid
I say in the sweetest tone come and join me 
I lead him away and soon... he is dead

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