Thadius, My Dark Temptation

by Jasmine Comer
(New Port Richey, Florida)

Forever I will love you, my dark knight
Ultimate perfection he is, yet out of all he wants me
I often dream of his body next to mine, sweet divine
I love thy name that hath no meaning

How do you know everything about me love?
my deepest desires are secret no more, with you they are real
The heart that I did not know I had, you hold in your hands
This dark tempting love will surely last forever

The way you love me cannot be described
Our love is a pillar of fire,growing ever-taller
Your love is only mine and the only thing I crave
We rise to show our true color,black as the night though our skin is pale

His hair so dark,his skin so pale, beautiful contrast
I cannot resist you but how could I resist myself?
I long to kiss your lovely lips, and yearn to be in your arms
A kiss,just one, is all I ask, but you give me more than ever needed

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