Thank You TCM

by Vernon Waring
(King of Prussia, PA )

I like a classic movie
One with Bogie and Bacall
Kate Hepburn in her heyday
John Wayne in a barroom brawl

A Cary Grant comedy
With Irene Dunne at his side
Furious Bette Davis
Or Frankenstein's scary bride

I think of Ingrid Bergman
As the perfect nun onscreen
And Mae West's sassy manner
As she lit up every scene

We all fell for Fred and Ginger
And Doris Day's sunshiny grin
And Jimmy Cagney's tough guy smarts
And the classic "Gone With The Wind"

Gable, Garbo, Powell, Harlow
All made Leo the Lion Roar
Great stars and great memories...
The movies the world adores

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