Thankful Heart, Blessed Soul

by Lorrie Salvetti
(Sonora Ca.)

Throughout the year
there have been many
difficult days
difficult months

there has been the constant
need to remain strong in faith
in myself, in others
and in my Divine Creator

In the still of the night
while my family sleeps
I pray to God for patience
for courage and for the means
to make a difference in the world
a positive one

When times are hard
when I become confused
when my body is tested
as well as my mind
I lean upon a Higher Power
and there are times
when it's so quiet, so still
I am sure I hear the sound
of Angel wings near by

I am suddenly no longer fearful
or confused
I am aware that answers will come
that I am not alone
and that my walk is upon the path
that is my destiny to take
and so I do
and as I walk towards this path
I can see there is a light
and no darkness can keep it from me

I am strong in my belief in Angels
I hear them whisper in my ear
don't worry
don't question your ability
don't surrender to doubt
or allow adversity
to keep you down

should you trip and fall
it may bring you pain
and you may know sorrow
but you will survive
to see the rainbow

No matter what life brings your way
never allow yourself to doubt
the beauty and power that you possess
and that you indeed, without question
walk in the company of Angels

Every day my heart is thankful
for within each day
there are many blessings
and I pray not to ever become blind
to them
Every smile every laughter
every "i love you" every moment
that I am allowed to walk in the garden
and see the flowers that have bloomed
and not focus on the weeds
is a day that my spirit becomes more Angelic
and I become less Human.

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