Thanks... NOT!!!

by Caneel

I walked into school
And saw you
You were the best friend forever
That I needed so much

Thanks for sharing-sometimes
Thanks for coming over-and tricking my mom-for a bit
Thanks for being my friend-sort of

You know what I really think?

Thanks for leaving me in the dust for the popular people
Thanks for whining when I didn't have money for snacks-
And whining when I wouldn't share until I relented
Thanks for making me put up with you for an entire year

Thanks for pinching and punching me
Thanks for being a jerk
Thanks for taking my hints that I didn't want to be your friend-
And throwing them out the window

And you know what else?

No thanks, I don't want to be your friend anymore
No thanks, I'm leaving your cemetery of lies and betrayal
Going beyond the cast-iron gates
To where I actually matter to people

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