Thanks4giving me reason to write mish mashed gobbledygook

by matthew
(schwenksville, penna.,usa)

this own lee bro' thar of yars
dashed analogously graced
on par how a marathon runner raced
to Macbook Pro laptop computer post haste

soon as he goat back
to his domicile nestled and encased
in the bucolic, democratic,
and fantastic spit non defaced

woodland partially hydrogenated oils baste
surrounding Highland Manor Apartment our ace
in the hole, whence he i.e. mice elf
(Matty Mouse) with threads of gratitude laced

within a feeble attempt
to burble, cobble, fiddle, easy as gravy,
an insrutable letter placed
in the output queue

soon as all
the typo O graphical errors erased
and, though struggle to convey love
for such an endearing older sister,

which digitally squawking,
aye did not cut and paste
boot doth admit to allowing,
a saucy bit of small potatoes sayest

in ma trademark (truemark)
stuffing of fluffernutter (that taste)
(courtesy of flaky Tony the corny tiger),
which gimmerish aims to waste

juiced spare moments,
and tubby direct, earnest and frank
lemme communicate without resorting
to caginess,

but free roaming thoughts to thank
ye and Rich for welcoming a small group
of family and friends
to your Woodbury, New Jersey abode,

somewhat near Redbank
to relish the salad days of times gone by,
when as kids,
we tricked each other with a harmless prank

such as hiding a fuzzy wuzzy Willie,
or scaring the other
with the molded Creepy People that doth rank
as laughably innocent, these topsy turvy times,

when faith no more
eroded cameraderie
among fellow Americans to tank
especially as the world wide web

iz going to fill in the BLANK
thus moments to share
a tasty repast did help me to crank
out this artichoked gibberish,
which when placed
atop pyramid of cranberries sank.

as didst this heart of darkness
within soul asylum of papa and momma genes
to two beautiful young women
re: daughters, whose absence felt as gloomy fiends
similar to the Ogre encountered,
when goose that laid golden egg stolen
by Jack of beanstalk story book fame
as a cash cow means.

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