by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

When going to mama’s for Thanksgiving
Your mouth will water for miles away
It’s for eating and a time for forgiving
Before the meal hold hands and pray.

Hope there’s no long winded preacher
Anyone but him should say the prayer
Thank God for mama the teacher
Thanksgiving is such a festive affair.

When the food is passed don’t ask
Just pile it on your plate, it’s all good
Your mouth with turkey it will bask
Eat what you take, that’s understood.

The turkey is always golden brown
Dressing plenty inside moist and tasty
Mama’s love is what does it I found
Her ingredients have lots of modesty.

Lots of food at mama’s to go around
Family and friends to help celebrate
All kinds of good things to eat abound
With all the food it’s hard to concentrate.

Biscuits and gravy, yams and corn too
Leave room for mama’s pumpkin pie
Left over turkey will be used for stew
Filled no more room, only for a sigh.

If the talk of religion comes up
Everyone has their own view
Time for a drink pass me a cup
Mama has fresh tea she brew.

Besides only the church has it right
Everyone else will be going to hell
Hell and damnation a frightful sight
Miss church and mama we’ll tell.

So when your at mama’s for the night
Let’s all be thankful for a great meal
Ask God to bless mama it’s only right
What a good day, full is what I feel.

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