Thanksgiving Days

by Tamara Seraph
(Virginia Beach)

Ekahi Aloha- One Love

Ekahi Aloha- One Love

On this day we celebrate,
by eating more than fills our plate.
The day is spent preparing a feast,
families travels miles, just to eat.
The turkey always gets the praise,
or the ham's golden glaze
Never forget, please keep in mind,
why we gather at this time.
It's not the parade or football game,
that is not why we came.
We come together as family and friends,
to celebrate a season's end.
And give thanks for what we've done,
at the end of the summer's sun.
Differences we put aside.
We lay down our foolish pride.
We count our blessing, and give praise,
on these thanksgiving days.

~Tamara Seraph
copyright 2011

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