These are some things I must thank you for:

Thanks for saying I’m ugly and could never
get a boyfriend,
thanks for being there when I was happy
and bringing me down,
thanks for telling me who I could and
could not be friends with and to stay away from them,
thanks for telling me I’m stupid some days
and totally a nerd on other days,
thanks for making me feel sad, depressed,
want to run away and wear a invisible mask,
and one more thanks, thank you personally for
asking me if I was OK and thanks for the fake smile,
you made me use a lot.

But one thing I must say to you:

If I’m so ugly how come I have a boyfriend
and you don’t,
and why did you always bring me down
it was not fair,
I know you were the person I needed to stay away
from not them,
and I’m not stupid or a nerd I’m me,
and guess what?
you have gotten me stuck in depression
and the mask won’t come off.
You never once asked if I was OK
and I now use that fake smile all the time.

So thanks...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apr 26, 2012
I wrote a poem
by: Sasha

Hey Lucy great poem I'm sensing that your life is sad but I wanted you to know I have written a poem called 'Holes' its a little short but I know in life that you get holes inside you.Do you get holes inside you Lucy?
I hope I'm not scaring you. (I'm 13 by the way no joke.)

Apr 26, 2012
how we all feel
by: Sarah

thanks you so much for writing this poem. nice to know im not the only one who gets that treatment! i use to get it at school all the time! they always found something wrong with me.. got so BAD that my mom now has me in homeschooling. every time i see a bus go by i get scared that one of those kids are on it and see me, and that invisible mask, i have to work super hard to get it off. was my defense for a long time, and now I get scared to take it off but know i must.. and almost cry from fear every time i force myself to take it off.. thanks so much for that poem.

Apr 16, 2012
by: lucy

thanks Rachel for the comment I think you know the girl who said those things to me and I thought she was my friend but I guess she only wanted me as her doll.thanks again

Apr 15, 2012
Reveal all be true to yourself
by: Rachel

Lucy what a wonderful,emotional and revealing poem.For it showed a relationship between you and someone you know.It makes me feel proud when you write poems and the quality is so good.Lucy no matter what other people think of you shine.Shine like a million stars in a black sky.If you can t do that then just find a way to be true to yourself.

Apr 13, 2012
by: mum

you make me proud daughter

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