That Beautiful Girl

by Elizabeth Nichols
(Fort Myers, FL)

That Beautiful Girl

Where is ???

no….there is …

still that girl we both once knew.

I’m afraid as you’re afraid.
My fear is that if you stop looking for her…
I might too.
I hang on to my own memories of her,
so that she may keep hers of you too.
So much of yesterday has shaped today…..
to lose those ingredients now...
would mean the very foundation we’ve built our lives upon only stands as strong as our children’s legs.
Such a heavy weight…such small legs.
Small, yet stronger than we realized….
for they continue to carry our weight as the foundation we built crumbles...
And I watch from afar the new overlay…
Crying tears for that girl we’re both missing,
Knowing how sad she would be to see what once might have been
Be completely erased…
Knowing now she may never be found and saddened more by the fact that now you won’t either.
But I have faith…
I know she’s still out there…and wherever she is…
She’s happy for you...
Even though you’ve grown/gone a different path.

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