That Feeling

by Caneel

It pushes to get out
My lungs can hold no air now
As I walk through the hallways
I can see the stares now

It makes my fingers tingle
It makes the tears come
It whispers in my ears
"You're stupid, fat, and dumb"

It wants to burst out
And make me scream it all
I wish that it would leave me
So that I wouldn't fall

It makes me feel so low
Like I'm stepped all over
It throws me up on a record high
I could run from here to Dover

I can feel it in my heartbeat
I can feel it in my toes
I can feel it make me blush
I can feel it as it grows

I feel like I could touch a star
And also touch Earth's core
I feel like loving, yet running away
So I don't have to feel it anymore

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