"That Vibe"

by Charlene Thomas
(United Kingdom)

Far beyond what is seen but rather what you feel
Deep connection that can seal,
reveal, even unpeel for real.
It's rare, fair and is shared between the two
Layers of revelation,
entwined in deep connection.
Creates history
Provokes thoughts, laughter... Clearly a true story
It's in the glare, "that stare"
Never prepared,
It's impromptu, so true
Able to stew
up emotions even when on ones lonesome
It's consistent, not impotent
So real so true not even a front
It's a craving ...never settling
for anything less
than the best,
Provokes smiles between the two
Enjoyment and fulfillment
For "that moment"
Times flies so quickly it's true, it's true
It's just simply "that vibe" between the two.

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