The 6 styles of love (for all the single people out there)

by Ashley Dudak

Love is not always so perfect, so pure
He might be a cheater, she's probably a whore
So you don't have a date? Feeling under the weather?
These 6 types of love might make you feel better
First there comes Eros, filled with romance, desire
But all of that passion just goes up in fire
Pragma is practical?healthy but boring
Instead of wild hot sex, they just go to bed snoring
They have lots in common, no need to pretend
But who wants to make love to someone who's your friend?
Storge starts off with friendship, and heart-to-heart talks
Then turns into romance, compassion, long walks
But soon that nice romance begins to fade
You're just left with a friend, and you want to get laid
So you cheat on each other and all falls apart
You start wishing the whole thing never did start
Then comes agape-- divine, selfless love
No one else loves you, so you choose God above
It's a good characteristic
To be so altruistic
But a romance with God?
Well that's just unrealistic
Then there comes Ludus--all about the chase
Love is a game, love is a race
Forget commitment, they just want a thrill
Well obviously that love is going downhill
Lastly, there's Mania, my favorite of all
They threaten, they stalk you, they text you, they call
Haven't you ever seen Fatal Attraction?
Obsession is their form of satisfaction
So be glad you are single this Valentine's day
And watch out for the crazies, stay far, far away

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Feb 14, 2013
Vday Sucks!!!
by: Lisa T

Love it Ashley!! Thanks for making me smile.

Feb 07, 2012
by: Candy

I totally agree with the content of this poem and the rhyming scheme makes it fun to read but its 100% true. Instead of being blue about being single on one foolish day, celebrate by looking at the great people you have to love in you life right now. Some people are lonely and have no one at all so just because you don't have a significant other this Feb.14 doesn't make you less of a person. In fact, if you are single because you were being mistreated then you deserve an award for getting rid of the trash in your life, esp. at Valentine time. Conversely, if you are single because your spouse died or is away at work/war and you are braving it alone then you are more of a person than somebody who is always clingy and needy.Well written poem.

Feb 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

Love it!!!!

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