The $70,000,000,000 Man?

by Sender UpWords

Hosni Mubarak,
Your people are calling,
And you have no choice you must accept the charges,
You are a tyrant,
An autocrat,
A vicious beast that for years,
Thirty to be precise,
With Western acquiescence,
Has brutally suppressed your people,
We have stood by,
The West,
As you have been a valued ally,
In a region sorely in need of stability,
But at what price Mr. President?
At what price Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and now Obama?

Hosni Mubarak,
Your people are calling,
And you must accept the charges,
You have quashed the spirit of your people,
You have denied them jobs, hope and a future,
With Western acquiescence,
Yet, in your years,
There has been a paradigm shift,
Across all your peoples,
Young and old alike,
Who have become educated,
Who have embraced technological advance,
And have seen the light at the end of the tunnel,
That shines brighter with your departure.

Hosni Mubarak,
You are the forty to seventy billion dollar man,
Ostensibly through military contracts,
Then wider diversification,
Handing money, hand over fist,
To your family and friends,
Those that still prop you up,
On a tenuous belief, that without you,
Chaos will reign,
Well, Mr. President, I rebuke that belief,
It is self evident,
That your people now desire your departure,
So they can have some of what the Presidents propping you up have,
Peace, prosperity, hope, equality, justice and FREEDOM.

Hosni Mubarak,
The forty to seventy billion dollar man,
The time for your ‘retirement,’ is not near,
It is here,
The people have spoken…

“Please hold for international operator,”
choose to go, wherever you wish,
but there will be no end to this peoples uprising,
“Please hold for the President of the United States,”

“Hosni, my friend, it is time to go, the plane is on it’s way.”

Democracy calling…

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